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Whatever your needs, GlobalSound can tailor an advertising, editorial and promotion package to suit your exact budget and requirements. From a fully integrated section sponsorship to email marketing, banner advertising, competitions and SMS, GlobalSound has a full range of offerings to suit most business types.

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Event Syndication

RSS Feeds
GlobalSound Calendar provides advanced support for syndicating your events via RSS 2.0 feeds. Preset feeds include: All Events, Newest Events, Billboard Events and Most Popular Events. Visitors are also able to create their own unique feed for categories and/or cities of their choice. For more details, click here.

JavaScript Syndication
Commonly referred to as Stickers, Magnets or Widgets, GlobalSound allows your visitors to use simple JavaScript code to syndicate your events on their site with links to your calendar, increasing exposure of your events and generating traffic to your site. For more details, click here.

Event Downloads

Event Subscriptions
GlobalSound supports iCalendar subscriptions for events and locations. iCalendar subscriptions can be used by many personal calendaring clients including: Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning.

In addition to subscriptions, GlobalSound supports iCalendar & vCalendar event downloads allowing your visitors to save your events to their personal desktop calendars.

Personal Web Calendars
Users of Yahoo & Google calendars can save events directly to their personal web calendar with just a click.


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Mobile Site
GlobalSound comes with a WAP 2.0 mobile online calendar that allows users to browse and search events using any mobile browser that supports XHTML-MP 1.2. This includes browsers available on many popular PDAs and Mobile Telephones. See globalsound.mobi from your phone/PDA.
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Martin Solveig (France) @ La ...
[Fri, November 25th 2011]
Martin Solveig (France) @ La Mouche
Martin Solveig (France) @ La Mouche
Martin Solveig (France) @ La Mouche
Martin Solveig (France) @ La Mouche
LMFAO After-Party @ La Mouche
[Tue, November 15th 2011]
LMFAO After-Party @ La Mouche
LMFAO After-Party @ La Mouche
LMFAO After-Party @ La Mouche
LMFAO After-Party @ La Mouche
Bal & Blanc
David Giral Photography
Ultra Music festival
Chalet Nightclub
Parking Nightclub
La Mouche Nightclub
Made Events
Red-Lite Afterhours